Orna Walters: My Guide to Clarity And Being On Purpose

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

Spiritual enlightenment? Want to expand it EVEN MORE?

 You are a seeker — believe me I KNOW it!

Now, there’s something I’ve done that’s actually gotten me further than many of these other methods: hand analysis by Orna Walters.

Orna studied at the International Institute of Hand Analysis, a school founded on the principles of expert analyst Richard Unger.  Interpreters go through intensive training to learn the system, which combines ancient wisdom and modern science to unlock the secrets of the whole hand — not just those two lines you pretended to read with your childhood friends.

This isn’t hokey fortune-telling;  Orna focuses on guiding you to your life’s purpose — what you were put on the planet to accomplish, what you need to learn to achieve your purpose. She’s also a professional love coach and has an eerily on-target grasp of your inner workings.

Imagine living YOUR best life everyday!  It’s now time 🙂

“I’ve done it, and thousands of my clients have done it too. If your heart’s desire is to make a big difference in the world and you’ve been struggling with the day-to-day — you can now know the truth about what’s holding you back!” ~ Orna Walters

There are tons of ways to grow personally. However, one of the fastest and scientifically proven ways to identify your unique life purpose and understand your specific set of challenges is to access your individual life map.

Once you have your map, imagine…

  • Fulfilling your soul’s calling
  • Harnessing your time and energy to produce powerful results
  • Having harmonious relationships
  • Achieving more than you ever dreamed possible

But here’s the problem…

Most of us seem to face the same challenges over and over again. For some of us it’s financial stress, for others, relationship problems or work issues.

Actually, we do! We repeat the same core painful situations (even though the details look different) until we’ve learned our particular life lesson.

I know this to be true because I’ve lived it myself. Until I had the information I needed to stop spinning my wheels. Now I have created a life that I love, one that brings me fulfillment each and every day.

GPS … A guide that confirms you’re on course and tells you how to make quick shifts when you’re off target.

Have the Answers Ahead of Time!

With your GPS…you will see and access your very own Owner’s Manual. In an instant — EVERYTHING starts to make perfect sense!

It’s already in the palm of your hand . . .

Hand Analysis is an In-Depth Look at the Connection Forged Between Your Brain and Your Hand.

Look at your hand now. Look at it closely.

Each line is giving you useful information. Those lines are to a trained hand analyst as musical notes are to a concert pianist. They make perfect sense. And until you get someone to interpret them for you, you’re missing out on the symphony of your own life!

Well, you Identify your specific LIFE PURPOSE and your path!

Already know your Life Purpose? Great! Receive the tools you require to master your arenas of challenge.

If you know you are here to make a large contribution to humanity, but are stuck struggling through your day-to-day life – MASTER THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS!

“Since my session with Orna, my lifelong obstacle of ‘negative self talk’ has been transformed into powerful self-actualization. My attention has been drawn away from the perfectionist false self I was desperately seeking, and I refocused my energy on my internal gifts. My instincts about my true life’s purpose as an artist and a mentor were validated, and I am now empowered to take the necessary risks to reignite my creativity and passion. With my Life Purpose Action Plan, I live in my purpose and strive toward a self that is fearless and true.”

— Alizah Salario, Freelance Journalist Alizah Salario, Freelance Journalist