Playing with Time & Space: A Quest For Ecstatic Living

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a quest for creative living

Every once in a while there’s this awakening inside that allow us to reset to let go and start anew. Maybe we love the idea of getting another shot at our big dream or truly letting go of the dozens of cookies we had eaten the night before. Whatever the reason may be, it usually starts with a great degree of head chatter, frustration, struggle all topped with the irritation cherry! (BTW – it doesn’t have to be that way, but that’s not what this post is about.)

Most people look back on the goals they wanted to accomplish and compare those goals with the list they actually accomplished. And sadly, that comparison defines whether it was been a good year or a bad year.

It’s time that we celebrate everything — even the things in life that we believe is incredibly wrong! Because what I know is that ‘We Are Guided.’ I choose to celebrate the good, bad and the ugly and let go of defining moments of good, bad or ugly. The truth is the past is the past and every moment lead me to another choice and creation. And I’m grateful.

OK, I know on with the story! Anyway…

Last November, I found one of the most profound revelations what when I quit planning and I started ‘agile’ mapping.

Now, I know what you are thinking… that’s still planning. Nope.

Here’s how it works.

time blocking with datexx time cube

Quit the Control

Yup! The number one thing I notice when working with creative entrepreneurs (and my team) is that a detailed plan limits the possibilities, creativity and success. *note: detailed plan! Go for the checklist systems instead.

Why? It seems that they spend time planning instead of actually take actions required to implement, generate, maintain and create.

What if your map actually included destinations that were traveled instead of ideas of where you might travel.

Two frogs sat on a lily pad. One planned to jump. How many frogs left on the lily pad? TWO, eh?

Are you just planning to avoid living?

Play along the Quest

I use this cute toy. Now, I never thought I would write a blog about a timer. Especially since I live beyond this reality in the quantum woo and know that time is a created construct of this reality.

However, I also know that when I play with toys and make things like a game (in business) I have more fun, create more physical stuff and make a lot more money. And oddly enough, turns out ‘the written word using my physical hands’ actually does take time 🙂

Anyway… per the recommendation of The Skinny Confidential I got one of these sexy toys. (Oh, get your head out of the gutter.)


datexx cube

I’ll tell you why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

1. Let’s say through the mapping process, you discovered you wanted to create a social media following and then ask what would be required to create that. Maybe you found a list of specifics, like take pictures, write a message, and create a post that would lead to a blog post. Then you asked each of those items how long they would take! BOOM! Put that in your calendar and use your new cube! (They are about $15 on Amazon, here’s the link!)

2. As you may already be aware, I’m interested in creative flow and creating an ecstatic living in each moment of everyday.

AND for me that includes having fast, fun and playful! Usually by playing games through my day!

: able to move quickly and easily
: quick, smart, and clever

Yup! Agile means move quickly, smartly, and easily! When you create with agility you know the energetic space of being in all these five energetic time/space continuums.

Have Fun!  Let me know how it works out for you.


Get the Datexx Timer Cube on Amazon

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