the pleasure project

train your body to produce pleasure {next live class begins June 8th - enroll now}

the WHY:

— the pleaure project was created after studying cases of women who experienced incredible health transformations.

Women, who had been struggling with fluctuations in mood, weight loss, loss of libido, and many other symptoms, were for the first time in years finally feeling like themselves again.

Now, after several years of researching and testing, I am ready to share with you what has helped so many women.

I am dedicated to helping you fall back in love with your body and your life.

Make today the day you say yes to being all of you!


— the pleaure project was designed to help you develop communication and connection with your body.

... It's a way of BEING.

It's for those ready to dive deep into who they are.

It will help change how you align with your desires and create your body so you feel blissful, sexy, full of life and ready to live that phenomenal life you are called to.

Let's create the changes your body has been craving.


the PLAN:

— the pleasure project is a 6-week digital and interactive program.

Each Week for 6 Weeks You’ll Receive:
a new holographic activation and meditation - clearing an implant from your life (delivered on Monday)
a live call each Friday at 2 pm ET to take you into your pleasure zone

It all starts June 8th!

Phase 1: Hunger - Creating The Space

In this phase, you will be offered a recommended detox + declutter checklist.

Once we clear out the body, mind and environment, what true change, hunger and desire lives there?

During the first week, we will create space by de-cluttering, detoxing and un-defining what you have decided you and your body are. This includes clearing the energetic self-abuse you may have around food and your body.

Phase 2: Crave - Sparking The Change

In this phase, you will be offered the opportunity to add in the most pleasurable things... things that may have taken from yourself because you thought of them as forbidden.

You are now ready to explore and indulge in every desire and wish. You get to have it this week - if your body agrees.

During the second week, we will invite in those cravings. We will start with food and body desires and then move into the intimacy of creation in life. What's now being craved through your body?

Phase 3: Pleasure - Aligning With Ease

In this phase, you will explore the subtle energies, true alignment and the awareness of the pleasure and creations that comes from pain.

We will also explore: "What is being called for you to create?"

During the third week, we will acknowledge that call and acknowledged the gift you are to that call and find out what is keeping from indulging this dance and pleasure despite the pains you've concluded are yours.

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  • 6 Weekly LIVE Sessions at 2 pm ET every Friday beginning June 8th
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  • 6 MP3 Pleasure Producing Awesomeness Activations
  • PDF Written Access Consciousness Processes Clearing Pleasure Blocks
  • PDF Nutrition Checklist for Hormone Balancing

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2 Private Facilitation Sessions with Jeneth


Risk-Free 14-day Refund Policy

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