QUIZ: What’s your planner personality?

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
danielle laporte 2017 planner calendar

As the creator of the Whisper Playbook productivity system, I know how important it is to have the greatest tools.

Last year I purchased Danielle La Porte’s weekly planner and I’m still using it. It worked perfectly with the Playbook’s 21-day sprints and Bounce Time.

Now, the important thing is to get clear about how you create (see creator codes quiz) AND know what planner would work best for you (see below.)

If it’s time for a new planner? Take the Planner Personality Quiz

Find your perfect planner with this quick quiz. Pick the answer A, B, or C that is the closest to how you feel and see what’s best for you!

1. How often do you check your planner?
a) In the morning and then throughout the day as I check things off.
b) I try to check it everyday, but mostly use it as an occasional guide.
c) Some days I forget I have it! But I do open it when I remember.

2. Where do you bring your planner?
a) Almost everywhere.
b) To my desk or work space.
c) I keep it near my night stand.

3. I use my planner for…
a) Everything! Appointments, classes, to-do and to-get lists.
b) Mostly work related or scheduling items.
c) Noting big events.

4. In the past, I’ve used my other planners…
a) Religiously. Planners have always been a part of my life.
b) I’ve always started strong, and then focused on other projects or work.
c) I don’t use planners typically, but I’d like to keep track of my days, how I’m feeling, and my goals.

And Your Perfect Planner is…

Mostly A’s

The Daily Planner! You and your planner are in LOVE. You write down everything — from ideas to appointments — and you have plenty of appointments to schedule. You have to be super organized.

Mostly B’s

The Weekly Planner! You like planning out your days, but prefer a high level view. Your planner is your guidance system, not your ball n’ chain – thank goodness!

Mostly C’s

The Undated Journal! This is what you’ll find in the Whisper Playbook! If you aren’t attached to a physical calendar with dates, why not try the Whisper Playbook System. (Here’s where you can purchase the Playbook System and receive an offer for the physical journal.)