CASE STUDY: What might you regret if you procrastinate another day?

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •



New York documentary filmmakers wrote THIS on a massive chalkboard on a busy street last month. They then turned on their cameras on and waited.

Passerby stopped by the chalkboard to talk about their regrets and write them down.

One person writes “Not getting involved.”

Another woman writes “never applying to med school.”

Another writes, “not following my passions.”

The tragic common thread in their regrets was the word “not.” The New Yorkers didn’t regret mistakes. They regretted non-actions, missed opportunity, things they failed to do.

My Question


What do you regret not doing? What would you do or say if you could rewind the clock? I want to ask you to look into the past and connect with what you should have done back then. What is the thing you didn’t do? What is the essence of it, and what kept you from doing it at the time?

Was it fear, or doubt, or overwhelm? What could you have done if you had chosen excitement and action instead?

What if you could use past non-actions to spur action today? What excuses, reasons and justifications have you made to stop yourself? And are they true for you, or are you just using them to slow yourself down? As the filmmakers asked at the end of the short film, we need to “do the things we’ll regret not doing.”

Maybe this means pursuing a career switch if your heart just isn’t in your current job. Or it could be something as simple as spending more time with your family.

My Quest


I can tell you from personal experience that if you feel like you really want to do something, like you desire something and won’t be satisfied until you get it… take the leap.

I ended my career a corporate executive. It was a great job for someone else, but not for me. I couldn’t wait to sneak away to yoga each day. I knew that I had this potent, life-changing message about being the real, raw you but I wasn’t embodying it.

One day, I decide to bite the bullet and jump in. Now, my days are spent in my private office, running my dream business from the yoga mat and helping my clients evolve through their energetic whispers.

Your Quest?


Imagine yourself in front of that blackboard in 5 years.

* What is the thing you’d write down if you don’t take act on it now?

* What are the whispers for this incredible future life?

* What energies are you perceiving about what’s possible?

* Are you willing to choose those?

* Will this be your quest?

Watch the original documentary short.


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