Reignite Your Dreams: 3 little additives

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
reignite your dreams

A person with a dream is unstoppable. The dream is the hunger that keeps them on the hunt. It’s the fuel that sparks the conscious whispers to create. When you are clear on the whispers and you trust the process, you know what to choose.

Unless you shut yourself down the moment after you dream big because you get overwhelm when you try to figure out how. Have you ever gotten stuck when you try to translate your dreams into daily action?

Does it seem really hard taking the the small steps? I want to show you a different way. Imagine this for a moment. What if you didn’t need to go from that big dream to a small starter step in a very linear fashion? What if you’d take this big energetic dream and funnel it through all time and space, so you knew what possibilities would be available right now? It’s an energetic dream to the daily presence and practice of creation.

In fact, you may not even know until you take that action, that ‘that’ action was you following the energy for your next creation that contributes to your bigger dream. And there may be something you choose after you read because something inside you was sparked.

Additive #1

When we can trust our inner creative to dance we can follow conscious guidance and the energy of the whispers. This process can take you from doing the tactical abcdefg thing to creating from being. It’s sort of like skipping around stealing magic and power from other realms. When you’re willing to get out of the linear process and the step-by-step system, you leap into the joy of creation in the quantum realm.

Additive #2

If you desire to go for a walk or bake cookies or something that seems totally unrelated to creating, you should probably choose that as it may just be exactly what you need in the moment.

When you follow those desires, something will open. One of the projects I did last year was called ROAR. I was stuck on what to name that project, and I saw this little girl sitting behind us at a play my daughter was in. She was maybe two or three years old and she was just playing around and acting like a lion. She said, “ROAR!” And as soon as I saw that, it was like a dart whispering through my body. I knew that was the name of my program.

We’re so used to doing business from our cognitive, over-thinking brain, that we’re not willing to perceive that little girl playing around like a lion. The beauty of calling it ROAR was that everybody got it. It was about being seen and showing up and being your ROAR.

Additive #3

When we follow those whispers we will change this world for the greater. If you’re trying to conform and you know that it’s not light, then you’re not choosing from your greatness! If we try to be normal and the same, it’s really not going to offer the world the greatness that we can make it.