Rikka Zimmerman: Radiate With Self-Love

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
rikka zimmerman podcast

Hey Guys, ready to radiate love?

There’s a big difference between self-loving and being love and how by being love you change lives. Is it possible to radiate love for yourself and others? Could this be the ONENESS that so many speak about?

Imagine living a life filled with everything beautiful – love, gratitude and abundance – one where you are fully present and feeling completely loved in every moment.
This call is for you if you often feel:

  • Life is a disappointment. You try to be happy, but when you look at your current situation, you don’t know how you ended up here. Sometimes you even think you’d like to “check out.”
  • Although you want better for yourself – better relationships, more joy, and less fear – deep down you don’t really feel like you deserve it.
  • You avoid crowded or busy places, because being out and about, especially in a crowded place, is overwhelming. You feel self-conscious and awkward and it’s easier to just stay home.
  • Or, you stay constantly busy, never finding a spare second for anything extra in your life because if you did, you might start to “feel” and realize that you are not living the life you desire.

Here’s Good News! On the call, Jeneth and Rikka talked about how BEING and RADIATING LOVE can turn the impossible to infinite possibilities.

You can start now, by taking this quiz.