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83% OFF!
Melchizedek Sacred Healing
with Christopher Macklin
"Christopher Macklin is the real deal! I've had several group sessions with him so far and have already noticed many positive changes. What a genuine and gifted healer he is. What a treasure and a gift he is. I recommend him to everyone!"
Deborah Lindemann
97% OFF!
"Jenny is definitely a person you want to work with… She has helped me become definitely a bigger “money magnet” than I’ve ever become before. Jenny is a beacon of divine light with high love, high truth, and high integrity. Jenny really shines because she is so kind, so loving, so compassionate, you just feel completely enveloped in love when you work with her. I know I do, so I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to work with Jenny very closely. You won’t regret it."
Dr. Karen Kan, Holistic Physician & Spiritual Medicine Expert
87% OFF!
"As a counselor, I’m always looking for ways to improve the lives of my clients and myself. I found Octavia’s energy protection classes to be incredibly enriching, down to earth, and informative. The techniques are powerful and helpful to anyone who is sensitive to others’ energies. I’ve been using them for myself on a regular basis and teach them often to clients and colleagues. It really works! Octavia is a blessing!"
Lynn Chang, PhD, Career Zen
91% OFF!
Integrating The Sacred
with Keisha Clark
"Words are impossible to describe the magic and power that Keisha brings to her sessions! Just one session with her completely blew me away and was a catalyst huge change for me. Her intuitive insight combined with her energy healing as well as the beautiful gift of her voice is a combination like no other. Her voice alone healed something that was broken in my heart and helped me to remember and feel what is was like to be held in a space of pure love. She is pure magic and I recommend her to all!"
Jennifer Cunnings Warrington
63% OFF!
"This experience was fantastic! I have been to many mediums, spiritualist, purchased many tapes, been through activations, and this by far was the most accurate, enlightening, spot on experience I have ever had. I want to thank you so much for streaming light into my life and helping me along my process in Telos. I saw the light!!!!! Your guidance in the beginning was perfect! Thank you isn’t enough for me to express how much I appreciate all you have done and all you do for our Spiritual Journeys. My Hope is to someday meet you in person and experience your guided tours through Telos!!! Many Blessings!"
Laura Eldridge, Tuscon, AZ