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"This experience was fantastic! I have been to many mediums, spiritualist, purchased many tapes, been through activations, and this by far was the most accurate, enlightening, spot on experience I have ever had. I want to thank you so much for streaming light into my life and helping me along my process in Telos. I saw the light!!!!! Your guidance in the beginning was perfect! Thank you isn’t enough for me to express how much I appreciate all you have done and all you do for our Spiritual Journeys. My Hope is to someday meet you in person and experience your guided tours through Telos!!! Many Blessings!"
Laura Eldridge, Tuscon, AZ
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"I was drawn to working with Cristina because of her expertise around sacred sexuality. Over the past three years, the clearing work provided through her programs and her training has helped me to stand more fully in my power in relationships and in groups. The Radiant Body Radiant Life Retreat was magical! Each day was a beautiful journey that opened me to experience new and higher aspects of myself. I got to know myself through this bodywork in a completely new way. After the last retreat, my energy was high and men seemed to find me, my energy and the dynamic between us VERY compelling. That was unexpected! I also left the retreat with new understanding around my purpose. I continue to experience clearings through the audio tracks and appreciate having these as a resource whenever I need. There is a purity and depth to Cristina's work. The healing is a given and the fun, beauty and sacredness is a bonus. It is unbelievable that we have access to this program and I wholeheartedly recommend it!"
Sheila - SETM (Sacred Body Healing) Healer
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"So far it's great! I have filled out most of the Workbook, and it is good to have some guidance in sorting out these thoughts and feelings. It's easy to just end with a jumbled mess when thinking about anxiety inducing elements of ones life. This helps keep focus and consider everything in more manageable bits. Thank you!"
Antti Juopperi
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Veil Removal Series
with Ambujam Rose
"The groups have supported and affirmed my growth in ways that I can only describe as miraculous. Each time I have participated in one, the energy and information that comes through is exactly what is currently up in my life that needs to be looked at and cleared. The process is gentle yet powerful and although it is a group healing, it feels as though Spirit is addressing me as an individual; this makes me feel supported and loved as I know others are more than likely having the same experience."
Linda, FL
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"The effects of working with Christof through various programmes over the last few months has seen my life totally shift. My vibration is much higher, I am zinging. I am better able able to stand my own ground, speak my truth, not allow others to manipulate me, give up ancient addictions & more deeply commit to my Soul Mission of making transformational art & to take steps into the public arena in this field. My diet has totally shifted, I have lost friends not serving my highest evolutions & gained new one’s who do. I have connected deeper with the earth & my cosmic mission here & I have a whole load of exciting new possibilities & adventures ahead of me. The effects of the healing’s have been not only dramatic for myself but hearing the others feedback on the program I am like wow! I now feel I have the tools to be sovereign and free and I’m know I’m better aligned for my mission to create art to shift consciousness. Thank you."
Sabrina Hamilton