Kenji Kumara: The Sphere Of Heavenly Light

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Kenji KumaraKenji shares and serves as an initiator of universal quantum energy and a catalyst for new earth consciousness.

When you lose yourself in the energy, you don’t have to try so hard. ~ Kenji Kumara

Kenji’s natural talent is to reach our heart center, the official operating system of self, through facilitating initiations/activations, meditations, self-empowerment, emergence and spiritual awakening. He acts as a visionary, a way-shower of the now, and a channel for ascended masters. His message is for everyone on all levels, for those just beginning their search for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, as well as those well along their journey.

His style is well-suited for healers, teachers, and artists on the new earth consciousness journey. As this new age develops, we no longer have to go through all of the old layers of release. We simply breath through and enter into our sacred heart kingdom. Renewal takes place in an instant; truly, it’s a matter of following energy and receiving. It’s that simple.

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