Stop the Overwhelm! How to Stop Being Stressing Out All The Time!

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
get out of overwhelm

I used to feel overwhelmed, worried and just plain stressed out about … well … basically everything! 

I felt like I needed to hustle, force, and make it happen no matter what the cost!

I thought if I’d surrender to the flow it would mean I had to slow down — which, let’s be honest — is just not me!

Yet, deep down I knew there had to be a different possibility to truly creating my wealth and my delicious life.

Here’s what worked for me so I could have a full throttle business and ALSO head space.

Step 1. CLEAR IT!

Clear out the overwhelming lies in your head (i.e. stop resisting, reacting, aligning and agreeing.)

Stop thinking you’ll save money if you do your website yourself. This is alignment with the belief that money is not coming fast and with ease and/or you just can’t create it what you think you will with your website. 

Stop trying to learn how to run all the technology when your expertise is consulting, training or something else. This is alignment with the belief that you need to be able to do it all and/or you don’t have the money to delegate and get help.  

You don’t need to know how to do an auto-responder – you just need to know you CAN have an auto-responder and someone else can help you create it and even write it if you’d like. 

Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith to have what you truly want.

Step 2. CHOOSE IT!

Get clear on exactly what you desire to create and choose it.

Do you know exactly what you want to create in your life and business?

Who will you reach? Who do you love working with?

What will you provide for them?

What many could choose that program or offer?

How much profit you’d like to earn this year?

From what other products will help contribute to you earning that?

AND do you know it so well that you can tell someone who could help you?

I tell clients, “I can help you create whatever you are asking to create as long as you can tell me what that is.”

If you don’t know what you want, who does? It’s time for you to take the lead.

Truth is somewhere deep inside you DOES know.

We like to hide our true desires deep below the lies we have with ourselves because we think they are so cool and so much fun that we just can’t have them.

Play. Create. REPEAT.

Step 3. ACT!

Get real and begin your quest.

Get real with how much time, money and effort anything you say YES to actually takes to get done.

I call this the Choice Matrix.

In other words, if you choose to make a digital project with 10 videos and 10 PDFs… you would ask:

* Will this be fun to create? (Y/N)
* Will this be fun to market? (Y/N)
* Will this create the impact I wish? (Y/N)
* What time, money, energy will this require? ($/T)
* How many could this impact – what’s your target? (#)
* Am I choosing this? (Y/N)
* When? (calendar in marketing communication + sales)

Too many of us say yes to things before really tapping into the energy of what it will create.

We underestimate what it takes to complete projects and make the money we’d like to make from them.

My Falling in Stilettos book too about 70 hours to create. Did it create the impact I was hoping for?

NO. I was hoping for so much more. But I’m still glad I chose it — and it did create some impact.

Let’s create our lives and not create a slew of partially complete, non-money making projects!

Step 4. Create space + choose joyfully

I recently went on a complete Marie Kondo “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and now I find it impossible to work when there’s clutter around. Any kind of clutter: physical, mental, emotional or psychological.


Create areas that are open, clean, and simple.

Over the past three months, I’ve been clearing out every square inch of my physical and energetic life including my homes, my finances, my books, unfinished projects, my calendar, my inbox, my closet, my computer files, my project list, my daily tasks, and my systems.

My advice!

Start with your physical environment.

Chose one area to clear out.

Only keep the things that bring you LOVE and JOY.

I hope this helps you become hyper aware about what you are choosing! .

What are your thoughts? Do you have stories or advice to share?

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