Let’s Get Real Social Snaps, Stories & Instagram with Courtney Swan

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

Okay guys! You’re going to love Courtney Swan! She’s the real deal.

Talk about living! Courtney Swan has found her way to being an the on tour nutritionist for popular bands like Tove Lo and Third Eye Blind.

Now after getting frustrated with the food industry, she’s rockin’ the social media world!

In this conversation Courtney gives me a backstage pass to her world of Snapchat, Instagram stories, and the evolution of her instagram account.

Food activists come from all walks of life, but there is generally one common theme among all of us: a frustration with the current food system.

Always passionate about music, Courtney Swan started her career as a tour manager for popular bands like Third Eye Blind and 3OH!3. But after getting more into nutrition in her 20s, she realized how tough it was for her and her bands to eat well on the road.

Soon, Courtney started adjusting their food riders and stocking their tour buses with organic food and green juices, combining her passion for nutrition with her passion for music. On a mission to continue helping people, Courtney also has built quite the following on social media, where she posts about real food and the organic movement, most notably on her widely followed Instagram account.

On a mission to “Change the way America Eats” she releases videos every week on her YouTube & Facebook pages, as well as blog posts and a weekly Real Food Challenge to educate people on the dirty practices of the food industry and how to eat healthy, with real food!

Courtney is on a mission to change the way America eats. She doesn’t believe in diets and promotes a real food approach to eating. Courtney recently packed her bags and moved across the country from Nashville to LA where she is spreading her message “for the health of it”