When I Quit the Rules, This Happened

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

Control. I love playing with it, and seeing how much I can be free of it. What’s the most fun I can have with it? Where is it that I completely step out and feel like I’m free falling? Where is that I find creative consciousness having my back? Where is it that I am undefined infinite energy and there this is no way that I can no longer just be?

I know many people talk about control and how it’s important to make plans, and figure things out. That’s the place they live, their own personal bubble comprised of people’s point of views that they live by. A place where they always try to be right and agreed with. It makes perfect sense, how else would they know what they wanted and how to live without the approval of others? They are nothing but a conglomerate of the past and how they have been shown to live. They live and re-live those patterns that are often not even their patterns. What they think they know to be true.


NOW! LET ME ASK YOU: The memories that have changed your life, art they usually the ones when you reached beyond control (good or bad)? It was those times you didn’t play it safe and had to use the precarious skateboard as your bath tray because you couldn’t find the correct one — and now you have to carefully get in the bath to enjoy without your champagne glass taking a nose dive in with you. Yup! That’s what you remember! It’s the time when you (and your lover inside) didn’t play it safe, but when you stretched and got a little excited about what might happen.

I know it’s scary to let go and allow inspiration (aka whispers) to take you. I know it can be exciting to trust the energy inside. And yes, I know starting something new that pushes your buttons can be very edgy! I know it can also be the exciting ride of your life!

So as I get ready to open the doors for my newest program called, Sexy Espresso: A new espresso designed to amp you up by inspiring creativity and clarity, I come to ask…

What else will spark your inspiration?
What else will speed up your creations?
What else will be fun and offer you more playful moments?

And you know what comes to me… Let’s definitely continue play with freeing these darn ‘control’ mechanisms! Truth is … our fear are so strong, that we reject possibility before anyone can reject us. So let’s also spend 21-days getting you out of control so you know you and you allow your inner desires to lead once again!

TELL ME: What else would you LOVE to happen in the next 21-days?

And here’s video #3 – A total rule breaker.

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