When I Got Over Making My Dream Wrong

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
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Let’s talk about the dream you won’t allow yourself to have.

“Have you ever found when you are working on a new project your head starts spinning with random chatter?”

Things like, “Will my family and friends think I’m crazy if I do this?”, “What will they think if I post my real thoughts on Facebook?”, “I probably can’t pull it off anyway.”

And then maybe you follow-up those head lies with even more, “Why can’t I just go for it, what’s wrong with me?” Now, if you’d actually really ask these questions you’d know they are lies, but you are so in the head conversation they just keep going on in the back of your mind.

You are not alone. And there are many “reasons” so many people stop themselves with these lies and I’m hear to tell you…


People actually don’t think that much about you. They are dealing with there own random head chatter. And truth is, they are usually truly excited when other (including you) courageously go towards there dreams.

So, what if … you’d first ask those random limiting thoughts if they were actually true .. then … ask what would it take to choose the life you’d love?

It’s often a lot simpler than you “think.” The thing is, these are questions we just don’t ask of ourselves. And some times we need others to ask us, because we have already concluded we can’t have it all!

Does this sound too simple?

​​​​​​​It’s not! REALLY! Wanna know how I know? I have lived it. I’ve lived life where I was constantly motivated by wrongness and then BREAKTHROUGH.

And ah yes the love story continues with this video.

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