I Tried to ‘Marie Kondo’ My Home – Here’s What Happened

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I am always on a quest for more magic — AND I know, any time you change your environment or your way of thinking — magic happens! So, I took on the challenge for a total environment renewal.

Before I begin, let me just say, the word “TRIED” in the title was intentional, but should probably say “STARTED.” I am trying to go FAST, but some things just take time. Plus, if this is the only time I will be doing it.

I’m so glad I did, because this little book about tidying changed a lot of things!

For one, I have never really taken any approach to cleaning, organizing or tidying before — basically my approach was…

Um. Do I need this?

Nope = trash.

Yes = find a home for it. (Which then seemed to get stuck in it’s home for years!)

And while this method has worked pretty well over the years some of those “Yes’s” have stayed in my world for way too long!

Here are some of the REAL and RAW changes!

get tidy

get tidy
get tidy

I also learned: There are three ‘untidy-types’ of people:

Type 1:

“The can’t throw it (anything) away type.”

Type 2:

“The can’t put it away type.”

Type 3:

A combination of both of the above.

I’m mostly Type 2, but have about 25% Type 1 syndrome — just like my Italian heritage. LOL. I’m 1/4 Italian — maybe that’s why?!

This acknowledgment alone was one little inkling of magic! Now I know what to watch for in the future.

Things I love about the Marie Kondo’s method:

And although I don’t like rules, I do love these with slight “Jeneth” modifications 🙂

01.Does it spark your joy?

When looking to declutter what if you only keep what brings you joy AND what helps you create?

02. Visualize your perfect home.

Kondo recommends indulging your fantasy (which is in fact the title of Chapter 1 in my first book (Seven Dragons.) What kind of place you want your home to be?

03. Declutter first.

Before you begin sorting, storing, and putting away, be sure to complete your purge so that you can better see what you have and decide how to best to organize.

04.Declutter & Organize by category.

As opposed to tidying by room or space. This was a biggie for me. I had books in five different places. Now, they are only in 3 places and very specifically organized.

05.Go fast.

I’m so glad I took the challenge and I know it will continue for months to come.

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Next, I need to declutter and detox my digital technology! From desktop clutter to mp3 organization! Do you know of anyone that can help? (You can DM me with suggestions on Instagram)

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