Kim & Veronica: Heart Harmonics & Other Frequencies

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
quantum activation replay podcast

Are you ready for the creation of money and wealth to truly be alchemy from the magic of you?

Does making money feel like hard work? Does dealing / managing with money make you feel less expansive?

What if creating wealth and making money was as expansive as connecting with the Great Central Sun?

In this conversation with Kim Coleman & Veronica and Jeneth Blackert, will activate a frequency that will destroy and dissolve the lies keeping you from true heart connection and wealth.

They will also include a heart activation that will not only get you into the harmonics of you, but also help you create from wealth that space of being.

About Kim & Veronica – The Urban Mystics

Kim & Veronica have 30+ years combined experience as facilitators, coaches, and speakers of consciousness. Although their niche is Wealth Consciousness, this is simply a doorway through which people’s Universes get blown apart… where one can choose, live and be what is actually True for them that exceeds the bonds of this reality!



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