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From the desk of Jeneth Blackert
Tuesday, 9:24am

Dear Coach, Authority Leader and Influencer,

If you’re reading this then that means you’re interested in finding out more about working with Jeneth and her online agency. I’d love to tell you all the reasons you should hire Jeneth and/or her agency but honestly...

This Might Not Be For You.

The real reason I say this is because when some people see the word “coaching” or “agency”… they get this idea that it’s either transformational work and not real world making-money strategies or that it might be too expensive.

Let me put both those ideas to rest.

I find the main reason people work with me is because they are tried to chase the shiny ball that looks good, but doesn’t give them real results (meaning money,)

If we can get you making $10k a month and growing it each month would that be worth a $10k investment?

Truth is, our clients do get a quick boost and many have been known to sprint to thousands a month super fast, but the real reason they decide to work with me and my team is one thing...


They don’t want to hear the same thing they’ve heard 1,000 times already.

They don’t want the latest “hack,” script or template.

They want clarity, focus and the ability to just BE their full expression through life and business. They want to grow their business in a simple, efficient and creative way that works uniquely for them.

Basically, they want us to uncover their genius and how they can effectively make money with it.

The “Empire Effect”

Since 2007 I have been working with business owners in the authority and influencer industry and in just a few minutes I can see where the bottlenecks are, often saving years of heartache. Once you know where the flows slow, you can simply add strategies and systems to get things flowing again… and BOOM you are on your way to creating your empire.

From Feeling Stuck...
To The Happy Empire

Take our client, Dolores, for example.

We first met her in 2015 and she was feeling fed up and frustrated with her business.

She’d had some success making what you might consider good 6-figure money... but she was exhausted with the activities required to keep it running from networking, traveling and speaking.

Can you imagine? Having a business that’s making money and appearing successful but feeling stuck in a cycle of over spending (time and money) and self doubt with various ups and downs.

She was working up to 60 hours a week, and coming very close to having a breakdown emotionally and physically. She knew this couldn’t last so she inquired to work with me.

As it turns out Dolores’ empire just needed some online systems that amplified all her in-person activities.

Which meant she could earn more profit and spend less hours working.

I shared how we’d go about crafting and communicating her messages online with webinars, videos and a digital funnel to build her influence. Hence why we call it the “Empire Effect”.

Over the next 90 days, we helped her uncover the bottlenecks and transform them into a system that would work for her.

Today, her empire is growing my 5k subscribers a week and she works about 20 hours a week. Plus, she has 9x her monthly revenue, and >now she’s planning to take an entire month off for personal travel.

She has personally told me that if it wasn’t for me and the agency, none of this would have happened.

From 60 hours to 20 hours and 9x her monthly! What?

Here’s the details

“How is this possible?” + “Would this work for me?”

These are great questions, let’s talk about it!

First of all, my process is very different.

Jeneth LLC offers private coaching, co-coworking sessions, done-for-you services and in-person weekends (with masterminds or without.)

We usually start with 6 sessions of coaching (could be completed in 2 weeks or 2 months) to discover how we work together and then we decide if you want us to put up an influencer funnel for you.

We don’t believe in quick fixes and short term solutions, but we also don’t mess around. We want you maximizing your earning potential from the moment we start working together.

Sadly, we’ve seen multiple people burn through cash hiring coach after coach after coach. All teaching their ‘method’ in a hands-off course.

It takes time to build an empire and we want to support and mentor you as required.

Add-On a Mastermind Beach Trip

We are also strong believers in mastermind groups. Which is why we are now offering mastermind coaching groups for our clients that wish to join me at our beach house once or twice a year for 2-days of intense designing and mapping out your next steps. These groups are limited to 6 so if you wish to be included let us know. These are a great way to connect with like minded people and gain perspective.

Choose Your Own Adventure

This is “Choose Your Own Adventure” empire building created with you in mind.

Like Karen, when she joined, she needed a quick start to get her money flowing. She used 3 of her 6 coaching sessions in the first two weeks… This helped her generate enough revenue to cover her payment for a private mastermind with Jeneth.

When Jack signed up, he had two coaching sessions in 3 days and then invested the next month completing the homework we gave him. He now works with us weekly and in making more than ever before.

Lucy had a big vision! She had been working non-stop on building an influencer blog with 2x a day Instagram posts and weekly YouTube videos. She came to me with a large audience and very little ideas on how to monetize it. We got her set up with Messenger bots and an email marketing database. 8 weeks later we discovered that she made $60k with affiliate partners.

Cathy wanted to become a fully booked copywriter. She was great at writing, but lacked a strategy for real engagement. Through our time together she learned a clear, easy to post and engage online that filled all her client spots.

This one is my favorite. Sandra’s business started with zero revenue but she was determined to make her coaching practice work. After 12 sessions and some tears, she now has a system making nearly $7500 a month. She learned ways to move past the emotional rollercoaster alone with practical, hands-on systems to communicate what she does that allows her to run a profitable business with ease. Now, she is able to work from home and choose her own schedule.

The Desire + The Systems

You may have noticed they all the above examples had two things in common. A desire to make it happen and systems to keep it going and growing without too much hands on work.

They wanted it but had trouble gaining momentum. Their willingness was there. It wasn’t for lack of trying, it was the lack of alignment and/or know-how.

After they began working with me... Within weeks they all achieved incredible, life-changing results by taking action from our facilitation together?

Is This What You’ve Been Asking For?

If it is, I can help you.

Creating a Happy Empire and freedom-based company so you can work when and where you desire and with who you desire – takes some creativity -- but you can do it. This is why, for this to really work, we’d need to talk and explore what path is right for you. If you’re still interested, let’s talk.

Here's How it Works

Our (Team Jeneht’s) entire focus is helping you to create a Happy Empire which gives you freedom, happiness and money.

We’ve created an application process to help us get to know you and so we can talk to see which option is for you, here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll see the link to the application at the bottom (until less we can’t take any additional mastermind or privates.) Upon submission, you can book a time to talk with Jeneth or another Team Jeneth member.
  2. After you fill it out, we’ll review it personally.
  3. After our conversation together, we can talk about next steps.

If you feel like this is right for you, click the button below and fill out an application before the remaining spots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity for good.

Thank you for taking the time to read this before you apply.

With Love,

Jeneth Blackert
CEO of Jeneth, LLC,
Founder of RealRawYou

PS. If you’re still not sure if you want to work with us, you can still schedule a talk with me after filling the form.

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