How to NOT Fall in Stilettos

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I LOVE heels! I love them! I LOVE them.

2 hours later! I HATE heels! I hate them. I HATE them.

CAN YOU really learn how to strut your strut in high heels? I wanted to know so I went on a journey to find out.

It was a really fun challenge that started with admiration of others rockin’ their heels! Oh, and it’s also a joke as I wrote a novel called, “Falling in Stilettos.”

Now… I’m assuming when people ask how you walk in heels they really mean, how do you walk without pain!

So, let me start by saying… I didn’t just figure this out for myself. I actually asked people who where doing it.

Today, though, I’ve had a good long think about the fine art of walking in high heels, and I present to you my best tips on how to do it. I’d love to hear from other heel wearers on this, though, especially those of you who found walking in high heels difficult at first, but figured out how to do it: what was your method?

RULE 1. 10 Minute Store Time!

I usually fall in love with stilettos before I try them on. Then it’s really difficult for me to break up with them when they don’t love my feet like they should.

I reckon this is how I “learned” how to walk in high heels: I wasn’t aware of it as a learning process at the time, but I know the heels I considered super-high as a teenager, say, would feel pretty low to me now, so I think I started small and moved up without really noticing.

RULE 2. Read Before You Choose… When You Can

I have a Paris Hilton brand of “Jeneth” heels… I couldn’t help but buy them online because of the unusual name! I assumed I was the inspiration for them! LOL!

I read the online reviews and they were great. They are absolutely without a doubt the most comfortable heels I own.

What’s great about his pair is they have a thick heel. Oh… that’s rule 3.

RULE 3. Start With Thicker Heels

I’m found in general, the thicker the heel the better. Thin heels may look hot, but they are hard to balance in the center of your foot which can lead to rubs and blisters.

RULE 4. Check the Arch

Fit is so important. All feet and heels are different. I like a high arch to fill in the little gap on the inner side of my foot.

RULE 5. No Cheap Crap! Check the Materials (Fabric or Leather)

It’s not worth buying a cheap pair of shoes if you will never wear them. Choose good quality flexible material.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy Jimmy Choos… it means don’t be swoon just by looks!

xo, jeneth

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