What’s The Best Water Filtration System for YOU

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

Have you ever heard that we are approximately 80-90 percent of water? I mean, basically, our body is more like a water balloon than a skeleton.

And that’s why the water we drink is so important.

Feeling all flowy … I went down the rabbit hole to find I what water system I love.

Choosing to filter out the toxins in your water is simple. From the simple water filtration pitcher to the under sink filter and the home systems — there are a lot of differences.

I recently interviewed a man that have been studying this topic for year. Listen here.

In the interview, we discuss four powerful topics! Chemistry, Minerals & Physics (the real world word for quantum physics and woo)

Toxins: The Chemistry of Water

There’s a lot of them! Here’s the NSF list. The good news is most filters and reverse osmosis clear out a lot of toxins and contaminates. Which is great, until I learned more from Patrick Durkin from Wellness Technologies… hear the interview above.

Truth is… it is impossible for a traditional filter to make water safe because traditional filters don’t address the vibration or energy of toxins.

Structured: The Physics of Water

Einstein understood it. So did Tesla. And now, a legion of scientists are making additional discoveries supporting a deeper understanding that there is One unified field of energy. Quantum physics demonstrates we are energy and so is everything in our world.

If water imprints frequency and we are 90% water it’s no wonder we perceive frequencies so quickly.

Seychelle Environmental Technologies has one of the best traditional water filtration technologies and they do go through the effort and expense of paying for their own testing. Below is a page from their 2006 lab report from the County of Los Angeles Department of Agricultural Commissioner Weights and Measures. Here’s a toxicology report document to explain more.

The Woo: A Vibrational Solution

Here is a demonstration video of addressing a problem with a vibrational solution, watch this video about noise cancellation technology. The principle is simple. The presence of a harmonious vibration cancels out the impact of a discordant one.

I feel it’s very important to spread awareness about this, especially now that so many of us are awakening to greater conscious health and awareness.

When choosing a system follow what feels expansive for you. What does your intuition know?

Oh… and this…

How I Trick Myself Into Drinking More Water

Okay… now let me tell you what I’m obsessed with!

2 things!

#1: Yummy Water (that’s why I love structured water)

Ok, so you know how the taste is greatly improve just by drinking filtered water… well this is 1000x that! Listen to a conversation with ‘the water expert’ Patrick Durkin.

#2: My 40oz Hydroflask with a straw! Yes, a straw!

So the next time you take a sip, remember to drink with love and gratitude!


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