When I was a child watermelons had seeds

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One summer at a family reunion, my cousin, Heather, and I split a 12 pound watermelon. Yup. We both ate half. She was seven and I was just eight years old.

Back then all watermelons had seeds, so we made a spitting seeds game. She was always better at splitting her seeds the farthest, but I never cared.

This story went down in family history. Now, thirty-some-years later my family still talks about the summer Heather and I ate a whole watermelon.

And the truth is…

watermelon stories

I love this story! It’s so true to who I am. Yes – the real raw me! I love, love, love indulging and over indulging in nature and natural flavors from earth.

So, today, I wanted to give you my favorite watermelon party treat.


It’s the watermelon punch bowl using the rind as the bowl.

You will need:

1 Seedless watermelon
Sparkling water: 3 cups

watermelon punch

Here’s the directions:

1. Cut top third of watermelon and scoop the melons deliciousness into a bowl.
2. Trim bottom of the watermelon to make a flat surface so it doesn’t tip when the punch is added.
3. Puree watermelon in a Kitchenaid food processor or Nutribullet (my fave).
4. Cover rind with plastic wrap, refrigerate.
5. Before serving, mix juice with sparkling water and transfer to the rind.
6. Carefully shake and pour (I like to use cocktail shaker) in a stemless wine glass. (click to get my favorite.)
7. Garnish with a small watermelon slice 🙂

watermelon shaker

Want to know the benefits?

1. Watermelon has a lot of lycopene more than raw tomatoes
Lycopene is a carotenoid antioxidant that makes fruits and vegetables red in color.

2. Watermelon juice relieves sore muscles
Watermelons contains l-citrulline, an amino acid that seems to protect against muscle pain. Drink it before a workout!

3. There are benefits to eating the rind and seeds
Try putting the rind and seeds in a blender. It contains blood-building chlorophyll and the amino acid citrulline.
Citrulline is good for heart health and maintaining your immune system. (Many athletes take a supplement for this benefit.)

Black watermelon seeds contain iron, zinc, protein, and fiber.

4. It’s 90% Water
And such a delicious way to stay hydrated in the heat of the summer.